3 v 3 PC tournament

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3 v 3 PC tournament

Post by (JOG) Josh on Tue Jul 09, 2013 1:29 pm

Hello everyone! The first tournament will begin July 30, 2013. Sign up here!
The rules are as follows.
1) This is a force tournament however pulling will not be allowed.
2) No gunners.
3) Infinite Choke, Center Block, and Slow Run, are allowed.
4) Team Damage will be off.
5) No glitching.
6) Only one Luke and one choker.
7) No Clinching.
Cool No Spawn Camping.
9) No Taunting or rude comments.
10) The teams will play to 50 and then switch sides and play to 50 again.
11) Matches will be played wherever you want. Just make sure you follow rule number 12.
12) The results of the match must be posted in the appropriate thread here as soon as you finish the match.
13) Jog Members must have at least one knight or above on a team in order to follow Jog rules.
14) Mixed Teams from Mixed clans are allowed.
15) Try and keep teams fair.
16) You will set up playing times with the other team through DMs or Email etc.
17) Have fun!
Signed Up:
{JOG} Josh

(JOG) Josh

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